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Connecting municipal governments with their constituents


Increasing Civic Engagement

Local government is not a spectator sport. We help create tools and channels for your residents to participate in the process of shaping their community.

Increasing Transparency

They say “Sunshine is the best disinfectant” – giving voters access to local data sets, searchable meeting minutes and budgets gives them confidence and knowledge in the work being done at city hall.

Increasing Responsiveness

Let’s face it, local governments are typically over-worked and under-resourced. AI powered service agents provide instant responses to most of the common questions and requests that residents have. Multi-channel approaches provide a level of community accessibility to everyone in the community.

What Drives Us

From Uganda to the United States, citizens around the globe are losing confidence and trust in politicians. Scandal ridden headlines blanket the news. However, the reality is that the majority of interactions that the average person has with their government actually happens at the local level. City states, counties and local regions have the greatest impact on their daily lives: School Boards, Parks & Rec, Departments of Public Works, etc.

We realized that improving the governments’ efficiency, transparency and responsiveness at the local level can have the greatest impact on a single community. Taking that and scaling it across thousands of communities though can really start to move the needle. That has only recently become possible though by leveraging big data and AI based tools that can be deployed quickly and cheaply community by community. That is what CivTech is all about, creating and scaling those solutions to better the lives of average citizens and their communities.


As our company grows, so will our solution set. Below are some of the platforms we have already rolled out or are working on.

MuniBot uses Google’s AI platform to provide 24/7 access to straight forward responses to most of the common questions and requests that local residents have of their municipal government. Whether that is recycling schedules, building permits or property tax information – MuniBot allows residents to use their Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, SMS or town website to ask their questions and get instant answers.

Suggestion Box

The answers are already out there. At kitchen tables around the world, people are chatting about “what would make this town better”. Suggestion Box gives local communities a channel for collecting those ideas, and allowing other residents to comment on them, improve them and volunteer to help turn them into a reality. Our gamification engine keeps residents engaged, through badges and prizes for the best ideas and comments. At the end of it all, a printed report is generated giving the local town council a ‘to-do list’ of the ideas that are important to their voters.

Town Hall

The strange reality of local government is that the majority of community influencing policy decisions are made in open-mic council meetings that only a tiny percentage of the community ever attend. Working parents, disabled residents and the less politically astute, may either not be able to attend the meetings or even be aware what is being discussed in them. The Town Hall mobile app platform brings these meetings into the average citizens’ hands by live-streaming video of the proceedings, giving them a channel to submit questions and comments in the meeting, and auto archiving a keyword searchable database of past discussions.


CivTech is the latest creation of Jay Shapiro and David Hoare after their success building AppMakr the world’s largest DIY mobile app platform with more than 3 million customers and one billion app views.

Jay Shapiro

Jay Shapiro

Founder & CEO

Jay is what you might call a juggler. (he prefers to think of himself as a renaissance man, but that's just his opinion) As one of the early pioneers of the Internet Marketing industry in Asia, Jay founded BLUE, which quickly became a global leader in data-centric digital marketing. After BLUE was acquired by WPP, Jay co-founded the non-profit, a network of hundreds of global adventurers traveling the world doing volunteer work in remote schools and orphanages. Most recently, Jay & David co-founded AppMakr, the drag-and-drop mobile app building platform that created the DIY app industry.

David Hoare

David Hoare

Founder & CTO

David is the MacGyver of Internet start-ups. He can play any musical instrument just by listening to it once. He can design and construct an award-winning patio. He can teach coding skills to a room full of troubled youths in prison, and he can build the world’s largest mobile app publishing platform, generating millions of native mobile apps. Then, in his spare time he'll create and produce a vampire rock-opera musical for Broadway. A professional educator by training, David’s passion is creating technology solutions that will make the world a better place. Don't you just hate him already?


If you are interested in learning more about our solutions for your community, please contact us. We’d love to have a chat.


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